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February 25, 2020  
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Panasonic BB-HCM511A Network Camera with 2-Way Audio Support



BB-HCM511A Network Camera with 2-Way Audio Support

Panasonic BB-HCM511A Network Camera with 2-Way Audio Support

Keep tab on your business critical network with BB-HCM511A Network Camera from Panasonic. Easy to install and operate, this network camera with 2-way audio support can be viewed and controlled from a standard Web browser, video display, a compatible cell phone or PDA. The camera comes with a Web address, which can track the camera automatically. Use of the built-in microphone enables two-way voice communication (transceiver system) between the network camera and a PC used to monitor the camera image. In addition to conventional monitoring of images and sound, voice messages can be transmitted from the PC to the network camera. Voice transmission and reception can be switched easily from the PC used to monitor the image. It offers an image refreshing speed of up to 30 images per second for smooth displays of moving images. The embedded software within the Network Camera gives your camera the ability to locate your unique Internet address. So no matter what kind of Internet connecti...

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