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February 22, 2020  
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Panasonic BL-PA100A HD-PLC Ethernet Adaptor



BL-PA100A HD-PLC Ethernet Adaptor

Panasonic BL-PA100A HD-PLC Ethernet Adaptor

Connect through any AC outlet in your home with the BL-PA100A HD-PLC (High Definition Power Line Communication) Ethernet Adaptor from Panasonic. With two or more HD-PLC Ethernet adaptors, your home electrical wiring serves as a link between your PC and modem. Getting online access is as easy as plugging into a power outlet. You can move your PC and connect to the internet anywhere there is a power outlet in your home. HD-PLC allows easy, convenient Internet connection through ordinary AC outlets. This technology provides speed, capacity and security, while eliminating the need to route cables throughout the home.There's no tricky installation or complicated settings. Just take the BL-PA100A out of the box and plug it into the power outlet. Set up the other equipment on the network, such as routers and PCs, as described in their respective instructions. With speeds up to 190 Mbps, advanced error correction, and AES 128-bit encryption, the BL-PA100A provides peace of mind at the spe...

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