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January 26, 2020  
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Sony DDS-4 20/40 GB DAT External Tape Drive



DDS-4 20/40 GB DAT External Tape Drive

Sony DDS-4 20/40 GB DAT External Tape Drive

Information is the lifeblood of any business. And for small to mid-size organizations that store their data on single PCs, servers and local area networks, protecting that information is a vital concern. Hard drive failures, accidental deletion and power surges are only a few of the very real threats that can result in catastrophic data loss. Sony's family of DDS tape drives and autoloaders are ideal for backing up small to mid-size applications. Whether you're storing information from a single PC, workstation or a local area network, Sony's DDS solutions deliver high reliability and performance. Sony DDS drives have been a product of choice for integration into today's top PC and server manufactures' products. Whether you custom order your computer from companies like Apple Computer Inc., Acer, Dell, Micron, Digital, and Silicon Graphics Inc., or purchase your systems through key library manufacturers, resellers, or catalogs, you can be assured of the same demanding quality and r...

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