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October 24, 2020  
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ANTEC Antec Versis A/V Cooler for Media PC Home Theater



Antec Versis A/V Cooler for Media PC Home Theater

ANTEC Antec Versis A/V Cooler for Media PC Home Theater

Antec s VERIS family of Media Components are designed to help you build the home theater you've been dreaming of. Your home stereo equipment generates a lot of heat, whether it be your tuner, your amp, your CD changer or your DVD player. That s why Antec brings you the A/V cooler, the perfect device for cooling all your home audio/video equipment. Simply place it on top of your hottest stereo component and let the two speed blowers cool your component while preventing heat from rising to any components you choose to stack on top of the A/V cooler. The sturdy carbon-glass structure with aluminum top deck is the perfect platform for stacking other audio/video components on. Keep your equipment running cool, with the VERIS A/V cooler!

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