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July 11, 2020  
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BOSE (R) Lifestyle SA-2 Stereo Amplifier



BOSE (R) Lifestyle SA-2 Stereo Amplifier

BOSE (R) Lifestyle SA-2 Stereo Amplifier

Two-channel stereo operation, 40 watts (minimum) per channel : Size - 31/2H x 141/8W x 51/2D / Color - Black : Room selector switches assign the amplifier to a specific room and radio frequency remote control. : Mini-DIN expansion input and output easily connects multiple Lifestyle amplifiers to the Lifestyle media center in a daisy chain whenever twoor more pairs of speakers are desired in a specific location (for example, outdoors or in a large hall) : Wired Volume Control (VCA) input provides connection for an on-wall volume control (can be used with or in place of a Lifestyle radiofrequency remote control) : Finned cast-aluminum housing dissipates heat efficiently for lower operating temperatures, even at full output : Integrated mounting flanges allow for permanent mounting to walls or floor joists, if desired : Bose expansion cable allows for a single connection of the amplifier to the Lifestyle media center or multi-room interface

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