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May 31, 2020  
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Knowledge Adventure JumpStart Explorers



JumpStart Explorers

Take Command of Five Incredible Expeditions! Product Information Discover History Early! The time to ignite your child's interest in history is right now, while the window of opportunity is wide open. Child development research indicates that children are most receptive to learning at a young age. JumpStart's early learning products take advantage of this window of opportunity and offer children a solid foundation for future skill development. You'll make history as you blaze the trails with the world's great explorers. Jump right into the adventure as you travel back in time and team up with courageous explorers to reveal the secrets of newly discovered worlds. Five history-making expeditions in all: Explore the Pyramids with King Tut Claim first steps at the South Pole Uncover the lost civilization of the Incas Sail to Asia with Marco Polo Discover You will explore ancient China and celebrate Chinese New Year. Sail the Mayflower across the ocean to Plymouth Rock. Discover the wonders of the pyramids with King Tut. Uncover the lost civilization of the Inca Indians in Peru. Travel by dogsled to claim first steps at the South Pole. The fun is just beginning! Famous world explorers Ancient world history and cultures Geography Navigational skills Problem solving Product Features Blaze Your Trail What's the best route to your final destination Play the mapping game to get your bearings straight.Sneak a Peek Want to know what life was really like in the places you're going Animated videos give you the inside scoop. Discover New Worlds The Sphinx is a lion with the head of a king - but you can have fun designing it any way you like! Get Your Gear Make a Chinese noisemaker and celebrate the New Year! Printable games, decorations and crafts let you take the fun offline. Race to the Finish Make your way through twisting trails as you race to be the first to the South Pole. Mission Accomplished! You have just landed one of history's biggest expeditions. Celebrate with a party in your honor! Windows 98/Me or XP 16x CD-ROM drive 10MB available on hard drive High-color (16-bit) graphics capability Windows compatible sound card Printer (recommended) G3 233MHz and above MAC OS 8.1, 8.6, 9.1 24x CD-ROM drive 64MB RAM 10MB available on hard drive 56k Modem and Internet connection (recommended) Printer (recommended) Internet connection (recommended) Mouse

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