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May 31, 2020  
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Edmark Thinkin' Things All Around FrippleTown (BIPTTFRIPMBXRV1)



Thinkin' Things All Around FrippleTown (BIPTTFRIPMBXRV1)

Places To go puzzles to solve, Fripples to meet! Product Information Welcome to FrippleTown, where dozens of fun-loving Fripples will tickle your funny bone and challenge your brain. Discover and use the best of your creative thinking skills! Think through problems and explore solutions to furnish the Fripples with artful flags, crazy cookies, door-to-door surprises and more. Every visit to FrippleTown is a chance to discover something new. Thinkin' Things Frippletown offers age-appropriate activities that allow students to explore and practice various thinking strategies, including analyzing attributes, using logic, working backwards, identifying multiple solutions, and practicing creativity. By practicing these skills, students will learn to think clearly, analytically, and independently. Exercise observation, analysis, and experimentation. Learn to work backwards to solve a problem. Analyze sequence of events. Logic and Reasoning Problem Solving Thinking Skills Creative Thinking Product Features Roll by the Numbers at Skate Park Flo loves to create works of skating art using number sequences. Change the numbers, and she'll skate out hundreds of colorful masterpieces! Add Reasoning to the Recipe Bob and Gaston are baking again! Deduce the ingredients and the order of steps to cook up cookies for all the Fripples. Deliver a Package to 4th Avenue Turn left at C Street and head north toward the park. Use the map and compass points, and watch out for one-way streets! Paint Flags for Finicky Fripples Become the chief flag designer! Paint flags that fit the secret rule behind each Fripple's flag collection. Additional Features Built-in Grow Slides monitor progress, and offer more advanced challenges as your child succeeds. Humorous and engaging characters Deductive reasoning Visual creativity Map reading and navigation Number patterns and sequences Testing of hypotheses Prediction of outcomes Rule discrimination Windows Requirements Win 95/98 (not XP compatible) Pentium or better Hard disk with 8 MB free 16 MB RAM 640x480, 256 colors Double speed (2X) or faster CD-ROM drive Windows-compatible sound card Macintosh Requirements Mac 7.5.6 - 9.x 68040 or better, or PowerPC 16 MB RAM (RAM), 7000K unused 640x480, 256 colors Double speed (2X) or faster CD-ROM drive

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