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October 29, 2020  
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Dakota Alert Wireless Motion Alert 3000



Wireless Motion Alert 3000

Dakota Alert Wireless Motion Alert 3000

Wireless Motion Alert 3000- Dakota Alertwireless motion alert 3000- The next step in the evolution of the driveway alarm; the ultimate in wireless systems- Transmitter operates on one9-volt battery and is easily mounted on a tree orpost near the drive- Transmitter uses a passive infrared (PIR) beam to detect people or vehiclesto a distance of up to 80 feet, then sends a radio signal back to the WR-3000 receiver up to 3,000 feet away (depending on terrain)- Transmitter is weather proof and meant for exterior locations- Up to four zones can be monitored with additional transmitters- The transmitters can be programmed so they will each sound a different tone at the receiver- The WR-3000 is the receiver for the WMA-3000 system- WR-3000 plugs into a standard wall outlet and can be placed on a table or mounted on the wall- When the receiver gets a signal from the transmitter, one of four different tones (Classical, Westminster Chime, Ding Dong, or Whistle) will sound- There is also a volume control, allowing you to set the sound to the desired level- WR-3000 is equipped with four form C relays (one for each zone), and one 12-volt DC outputterminal that will activate for several seconds when a signal is received- The receiver can be user-programmed, so the 12-volt DC terminal and onerelay will activate for 10 minutes, if this is desired; the tones will still sound for several seconds- AshEXTRA WIRELESS TRANSMITTER: DK-WMT-3000EXTRA WIRELESS RECEIVER: DK-WR-3000DKWMA3000

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