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July 19, 2024  
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Aleratec 1:4 DVD/ CD Tower Publisher



1:4 DVD/ CD Tower Publisher

Aleratec 1:4 DVD/ CD Tower Publisher

The 1:4 DVD/CD Tower Publisher from Aleratec simultaneously produces up to 4 DVD/CD copies, recordings, or clearly labeled discs. With LightScribe Disc Labeling technology built in the DVD Recorders you can laser burn labels in the same machine. To burn labels, you simply place LightScribe certified media with the label side down in the recorder, attach the DVD/CD Tower Publisher LS to your PC and burn any label you have created. The LightScribe laser burned labels are silkscreen quality and offer enhanced sharpness and clarity. The DVD/CD Tower Publisher LS incorporates 16X DVD recording technology and can function as a 1:4 DVD/CD Duplicator or an external DVD/CD Recorder. Additionally, create custom labels with text and graphics with included software.

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