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July 22, 2024  
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Sony 1.6 TB / 4.16 TB 162/A3 AIT Tape Library



1.6 TB / 4.16 TB 162/A3 AIT Tape Library

Sony 1.6 TB / 4.16 TB 162/A3 AIT Tape Library

Sony 162/A3 AIT Tape Library features up to 4.16 TB capacity (2.6:1 compression). Its robotics is rated for greater than 1,000,000 cartridge changes. Sony 162/A3 AIT Tape Library has 16-slot internal carousel configuration and features transfer rate up to 224.6 GB per hour (2.6:1 compression) with AIT-3 drives. This drive has storage density design per cubic foot. Sony AIT Library 162/A3 also features user-friendly set up and operation for unattended backup.

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