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July 15, 2024  
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Quantum 10 / 20 GB DLTtape III Tape Cartridge



10 / 20 GB DLTtape III Tape Cartridge

Quantum 10 / 20 GB DLTtape III Tape Cartridge

The DLTtape III Cartridge from Quantum is an ideal solution for high capacity storage and archiving needs. With a compressed capacity of up to 20 GB of storage per tape, this tape provides the performance essential for data-intensive applications. By combining both solid and liquid lubricants in the tape binder system, tape and head wear are reduced while repelling airborne particles that affect read/write head performance. In addition, by using a uniform particle shape, a dense binding system, a smooth coating surface, and a specially selected base film, DLTtape cartridge use shorter wavelength recording schemes to ensure read compatibility with future generations of DLTtape drives. This tape can sustain over one million head passes with a negotiable impact on soft error rates and a 30-year archival life. This shock-resistant cartridge combined with a durable plastic container, protects against corrosion.

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