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June 30, 2022  
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American Power Conversion 10000 VA Smart-UPS RT UPS System



10000 VA Smart-UPS RT UPS System

American Power Conversion 10000 VA Smart-UPS RT UPS System

The 10000 VA Smart-UPS RT UPS System from APC is a high performance UPS for servers, networking equipment, telecommunication systems, industrial and medical equipment, and other mission-critical applications. This UPS System is based on the Smart-UPS functionality and features double conversion on-line topology, which delivers tight voltage and frequency regulation, zero transfer time to and from battery and input power factor correction. It can be managed using PowerChute software, as well as an array of SmartSlot accessories. Smart-UPS RT provides battery back up to the load through the use of internal batteries. Moreover, an unlimited number of external battery packs can be added to meet desired levels of runtime. It also features a tower configuration and easily converts to the 19-inch rack-mount mode with the addition of an APC Rail Kit.

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