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November 29, 2022  
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Sony 12/ 24 GB DDS-3 Data Cartridge - 10-Pack



12/ 24 GB DDS-3 Data Cartridge - 10-Pack

Sony 12/ 24 GB DDS-3 Data Cartridge - 10-Pack

The 12/24 GB 4 mm DDS-3 Data Cartridge from Sony is ideal for high capacity back-up data storage. This cartridge offers a native capacity of 12 GB and a compressed capacity of 24 GB. It is made of a non-magnetic layer above the base film to enhance the performance of the magnetic layer on top. To assure reliability under the stress of repetitive read/write operations, this cartridge uses durable HCL (High Cross Linkage) binder with special additives. Sony's RDP mechanism sandwiches the tape between textured sheets to help maintain smooth tape winding. The DDS-3 cartridge has a hard case which is made of tough, crack-resistant polypropylene with rounded edges to absorb shock if dropped or bumped. For extra reliability, the lid is designed to maintain locking while preventing dust caused by abrasion during repeated access.

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