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February 4, 2023  
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Eaton Powerware 12-Outlet PDU16h ZeroU/1U Surge Suppressor



12-Outlet PDU16h ZeroU/1U Surge Suppressor

Eaton Powerware 12-Outlet PDU16h ZeroU/1U Surge Suppressor

The 12-Outlet PDU16h ZeroU/1U Surge Suppressor form Eaton Powerware provides a comprehensive power management solution. The Powerware Power Distribution Unit (PDU) is designed to complement your uninterruptible power system solution and managing power distribution in rack environments. With up to 12 output receptacles to distribute power within the rack cabinets, the Powerware PDU is designed to be compatible with existing single phase rackmount UPSs. With standard rack cabinets and flexible mounting options, the PDU allows you to reserve your rack and floor space for critical computing hardware. Featuring standard surge and spike protection, the PDU provides line-to-line and line-to-ground protection for connected equipment. Additionally, individual circuit breakers protect outlet groups, or load segments. This approach increases the overall availability by ensuring that an overloaded circuit does not affect other load segments. Compatible with a variety of Powerware equipment, the...

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