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November 29, 2022  
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Linksys 12-Volt Power Over Ethernet Adapter Kit



12-Volt Power Over Ethernet Adapter Kit

Linksys 12-Volt Power Over Ethernet Adapter Kit

Simplify your network installations with power and data on one cable! The Linksys Power Over Ethernet Adapter Kit lets you put your access points almost anywhere, by removing the requirement of nearby power outlets. By using the existing Category 5 Ethernet cabling to deliver power to any standard 5 volt access point or other network device, you save the time, hassle, and expense of running AC power to the access point's installation location. The best position for a wireless access point is usually on the ceiling, in the center of the area to be covered. Second best would be high on a nearby wall. Unfortunately, there's usually no easily accessible AC power plugs available in these locations. With the Power Over Ethernet Adapter Kit, installing the access point in these preferred spots becomes far less trouble. The Power Over Ethernet Adapter Kit is a two piece set. The Injector sends both power and data over one Category 5 cable to your access point, wireless router or bridge. T...

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