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June 4, 2023  
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Proven Wisdom from the Life of Jesus (Audio)

Audio Tape Producer/Narrator Mark Warner and Scripture Readings by James Earl Jones Product Information Thousands of books and audio recordings hit the sales racks every year, offering the latest, trendiest, and often contradictory advice on the responsibilities and anxieties of daily living. Proven Wisdom from the Life of Jesus on audio compact disc mines the astonishing enlightenment to be gleaned from the short life of Jesus Christ, as chronicled in the single most revered book the world has ever known. Since the year 1611, the King James Version of the Holy Bible has been providing solace and spiritual insight into all matters of the human condition. This Audio Collection, enhanced by Scripture readings from acclaimed actor James Earl Jones, and a meticulously crafted musical score, will astound the listener with its relevance to the cares and concerns of today - everything from the burdens of anger and divorce to those of pride and worry. From respected audio producer/narrator Mark Warner, Proven Wisdom from the Life of Jesus offers a wealth of comfort and inspiration for modern living, culled from the enlightened affirmations of the Bible. Life lessons and meditations from the Christian perspective. Product Highlights The Birth of Jesus Jesus' Early Life Temptations in the Wilderness Sermon on the Mount Beatitudes Anger and Lust Revenge and Pride Judging Others False Prophets The Parable of the Prodigal Son Jesus Prays for Mankind Who Will Enter the Kingdom of Heaven Additional Features Approximate running time: 1 hour Audio CD

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