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July 15, 2024  
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3Com 100 Secure Fiber-FX Network Interface Card



100 Secure Fiber-FX Network Interface Card

3Com 100 Secure Fiber-FX Network Interface Card

Designed for Windows, Linux, and NetWare environments, the 3Com 100 Secure Fiber-FX NIC hardens at-risk systems without impacting performance. It combines an embedded security processor with excellent signal quality of fiber-optic cabling. This 100BASE-FX connection offloads encryption, authentication, and other cycle-intensive tasks from the host CPU - resulting in optimal system and application response. The lack of electrical resistance makes fiber-cabled infrastructures particularly useful for reducing line interference or noise, extending connection distances over 100 meters or delivering high-quality voice and video transmissions. Intelligent management and server features help improve network performance and reduce administration time.

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