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May 16, 2022  
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HARMAN / KARDON Harman Kardon AVR 445 7.1-Channel A/V Receiver (Recertified)



Harman Kardon AVR 445 7.1-Channel A/V Receiver (Recertified)

HARMAN / KARDON Harman Kardon AVR 445 7.1-Channel A/V Receiver (Recertified)

Balance The Sound To Your Room - If you're technologically-challenged, or simply can't wait to get your AVR445 A/V receiver up and running, then Harman Kardon's EzSet/EQ feature (built into the eight-device, two-line display remote control) was developed especially for you. Using a compact, high-precision microphone (included with the receiver) and built-in test and control circuitry with accuracy equaling expensive laboratory equipment, EzSet/EQ not only configures your system for the proper speaker settings, time delays, and crossover frequencies; but also uses a parametric equalizer to optimize the receiver's output performance to match your listening room's sonic signature. Parametric equalization differs from--and is more sophisicated than--traditional graphic equalization. Based on measurement and analysis of three sonic parameters--frequency, amplitude, and bandwidth--parametric equalization results in a superior set of adjustments to cancel out the sonically-damaging effects of a room's architecture and furnishings. Harman Kardon designs receivers to work with your individual listening environment, not against it. Multichannel Sound From Analog Sources - Versatile and multifeatured, Harman Kardon's AV445 7.1-Channel A/V Receiver incorporates a wide range of listening options to match your every need. In addition to Dolby Digital EX and DTS-ES 6.1 decoding for digital sources, a broad choice of analog surround modes are available for use with sources such as CD, VCR, TV broadcasts, and the AVR445's own FM/AM tuner. Along with Dolby Pro Logic IIx decoding technology, the AVR445 boasts Harman International's exclusive Logic 7 process to create a wider sound environment with more defined fly-overs and pans, where the surround sound transitions from the speakers on one side to the speakers on the other side. Proprietary digital algorithms are used to create a more cohesive and enveloping sound field from the tens of thousands of currently available analog matrix soundtracks. Not only is Logic 7 capable of resolving either five or seven channels from a two-channel source; but it also increases the accuracy with which sounds are directed to the center and surround channels, for more precise reproduction of the original soundtrack. Connect To The Future - For the ultimate in flexibility, the AVR445 features two HDMI inputs and three, assignable, HDTV-compatible component video and five S-Video inputs for connecting video devices. The AVR445 converts composite and S-video to component for single video connections. There are additional audio inputs; and with all of its video inputs, the AVR445 is capable of handling all the latest A/V sources. Coax and optical digital audio inputs/outputs are also available for direct connection to digital recorders. This bounty of connections, plus 7.1-channel direct audio inputs with bass management and bi-directional RS-232 integrated system control port make the AVR445 virutally future-proof, wi

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