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May 16, 2022  
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The HAVA Titanium HD WIFI offers wireless flexibility and convenience when watching TV on your PC in the home or out on the deck. Turn your PC into a PVR and record favorite TV shows directly to an internal PC hard disk or an externally attached USB hard disk or simpley burn them to a DVD for playback or archiving purposes. HAVA Titanium HD WIFI also allows you to timeshift (pause, fast forward & rewind) your live TV on any PC so you will never miss that pivotal sports moment again! HAVA Titanium HD WIFI is built with the future in mind, with the ability to upgrade from the existing 802.11g USB wireless dongle to a 802.11n dongle (available soon) protecting your investment and maintaining our commitment to stream the highest quality video over your wireless home network. With the HAVA Titanium HD WIFI you can connect any HD video source and watch TV on a Microsoft Media Center, XP or Vista PC without having a TV Tuner installed. If you have multiple PC's on the home network, no problem, HAVA can stream live TV to multiple PC's simultaneously and to another internet connected PC or cell phone somewhere else in the world! Key Features Hava Titanium HD WiFi Slingbox Solo Slingbox Pro WiFi Enabled (802.11g) Yes No No 2 Active USB Ports Yes No No Time-Shifting Pause, Rewind & Fast-Forward TV Yes No No Record Live TV to PC s Hard Drive Yes No No Burn recorded TV programs to DVD Yes No No Windows Media Center Support Yes No No Schedule TV Program Recording Yes No No Multicasting Watch TV on multiple PCs s

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