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September 16, 2021  
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Monster Cable CA 200HP-RFSV RF Modulator



Monster Cable CA 200HP-RFSV RF Modulator

Most older TV sets do not have the audio/video connections you need to hook up your new DVD player, gaming console, or camcorder. But with ConnectAll 200, you can put that TV back to good use. Just like the connection from your cable TV, ConnectAll 200 uses a single cable for both audio and video. And unlike other devices, ConnectAll 200 can utilize the high quality S-Video outputs found on today''s DVD players and gaming consoles. Monster''s ConnectAll 200 takes the highest quality S-Video signal and converts them so they can be conveniently viewed through your regular TV tuner. The results are brighter and sharper video with the convenience of an RF-type connection. Although not stereo or surround sound, some users prefer to use the one wire solution offered by RF technology, sometimes referred to F-pin or coaxial connection. So, don''t discard your older TV just because it lacks the same high quality connections as your DVD, Satellite, VCR, or Gaming Console.

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