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September 16, 2021  
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Topics Entertainment Topics National Geographic Presents: RedShift Planetarium - PC



Topics National Geographic Presents: RedShift Planetarium - PC

Topics Entertainment Topics National Geographic Presents: RedShift Planetarium - PC

RedShift Planetarium is a perfect introduction to basic astronomy as well as sky observation. The positions and movements of stars, planets and galaxies can be easily calculated and simulated. Up to 70 guided tours present and explain the most relevant astronomical subjects and theories. Learn everything about the creation and structure of the universe and its various celestial bodies. An extraordinary collection of pictures and videos present the highlights of astronomy and space travel.Don't just wish upon the stars; begin a fascinating hobby studying themalong with comets, asteroids, planets, and spacecraftwith the help of REDSHIFT Planetarium on CD-ROM. Hailed as the world leader in astronomy software, REDSHIFT is the user-friendly brand bringing unmatched content to novice deep-space enthusiasts. With REDSHIFT Planetarium, you'll find easy interactive tours featuring star catalogues and current planet maps, video from the Hubble telescope and Apollo missions, and animated displays of comets and meteors. Packed with fascinating content and easy-to-use navigational options, REDSHIFT Planetarium is your down-to-earth introduction to deep sky exploration.FEATURES: Full-screen display with on-screen labels Guided introductory tours narrated animations of basic astronomical concepts Video footage from Apollo missions the Hubble telescope Sky Window display of multiple celestial objectsINCLUDES: Complete Hipparcos stellar catalog Complete Tycho-2 stellar catalog New Tycho double star catalogue Maps of the planets moons, including all recently discovered moons of: Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Win 98/ME/2000/XP 105 MB RAM 800 x 600, High Color (16 bit) 16 bit-audio

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